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Introduction to Modular Systems

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007

Small modular biomass systems can help supply electric
to rural areas, businesses, and the billions of people wh
live without power worldwide. These systems use locall
available biomass fuels such as wood, crop waste, animal
manures, and landfill gas. Small systems rated at
5 megawatts down to 5 kilowatts can provide heat and
power where needed. Some units are portable. They ca
provide power in remote villages, on farms and ranche
and at businesses. Small modular biomass systems fulf
the great market potential for distributed, on-site, electri
power generation throughout the world. Users may
attach the systems to existing transmission and distrib
tion grids close to where consumers use electricity.
Consumers may connect their units to the power grid
on the customer’s side of the electric meter.
Small modular biomass systems typically consist of a f
processor and an electric generator. Fossil fuel systems
predominate in today’s markets, but biomass provides
an alternative that is more environmentally acceptabl
Furthermore, successful commercialization of small
modular biomass systems completes the development
of a biomass industry that covers all ranges of expecte
power applications: